Gifts and Souvenir

Every place that you visit, has its own essence, own individuality and own uniqueness. Same stands for the gifts and souvenirs unique to that place. Once your trip is over and you are back, it’s these beautiful souvenirs that keep your memories invigorated forever!

Gifts and Souvenir

Tours might come to an end but memories associated with the same, linger on forever and so do the souvenirs and gifts from that place. For eg, you might have appeased your eyes with the magnificent beauty of the TajMahal but every time you see that small stone souvenir model of the same, its brings back all the beautiful memories of that trip. Keeping the same in mind we cater for various gift items for our clients including Jewelry, Stone / Marble and wooden handicrafts, spices, jute work, fashion accessories etc so that they can take back home with them a beautiful token of the trip, not only for themselves but also for their friends and family. Also we give a boost to the artisan and the handicrafts industry by directly procuring these artifacts from them at a fair price, while also ensuring that our gifts and souvenirs are crafted by the most talented artisans in the industry.

India is truly unique when it comes to its varied cultures, places and rituals. This same uniqueness has been passed on to gifts and articles belonging to that place which also bears the same essence. From Pashminars of Kashmir to Mojris or stone and marble articles of Rajasthan, to Durries of Madhya Pradesh, to the aromatic spices of kerala, to Mysore paintings of Karnataka, every places exuberates its own inimitable essence. Whether you are on a tour and are thinking of taking back these beautiful artifacts for your friends back home or you are holding an event in a particular place and would like to gift these wonderful articles to your guests, we arrange it all for you at the best possible prices while ensuring the best quality as well.

Many tourists from across the globe visit India to view its varied mesmerizing beauties, be it monuments, forts or the TajMahal of Agra. But many a times even after wanting to take back something memorable from that place, one might not be sure about the authenticity of the items or even be sure about the actual specialty of that place. Also prices at which the same if offered to us, might be much higher than the actual cost of the item, which one being a tourist, might not even be aware of. Keeping all these in mind, Siddhiyan brings to you authentic souvenirs and gifts articles, famous to that very place, made by the best of artisans at the most competitive prices, so that when you plan to take something nice back home, it’s always the optimum one!

Also for events, weddings and other functions, we arrange for various gift articles for your guests and ensure that they are always of the top quality. Be rest assured, everyone will appreciate your this small token of love for them. Not ending here, we also cater to bulk orders of such gift items across continents, while ensuring on offering the best possible quality at the best possible price.